All County Honor Choir

Congratulations to the following eight singers that will be representing RVHS at Jeffco All County Honor Choir! Please mark your calendars for the following dates:

  • Oct. 2nd, 3:30- 5:30pm- Sectional @ Pomona HS

  • November 21st, 4-8:30pm- Rehearsal @ Dakota Ridge HS

  • November 22nd, 8-3pm- Rehearsal @ West Bowles Community Church

  • November 22nd, 7pm- Concert @ West Bowles Community Church (Call time TBA)

    • Concert dress is RV Concert Attire (Shades/CC Attire)

If for any reason you are unavailable for any part of these rehearsals, please know that you are ineligible to participate and contact the Talleys ASAP. Please stay tuned for music packets from the Talleys, and you should begin learning your parts with online part tracks as soon as you receive the music. You should be 90% memorized by the rehearsal on November 21st. Here’s a link to the student schedule for All County.


Anika Schulthess 

Camille Dixon


Casia Provençal

Sabrina Reinwald


Miguel Castillo

Logan Willey


Kyle Green

Anders Wolle

If you would like to discuss your audition and/or see your audition scores, feel free to make an appointment with Mr. or Ms. Talley!

In the case that the Talleys are able to claim extra spots, or in the case someone isn’t able to make it to All County, the following singers will be RV’s alternates. Please double check your calendars for the above dates in the case we are able to include you in ACHC as well!


Chloe Brandow, Soprano

Greta Smith, Soprano

Maddie Flanagan, Alto

Kadin Adams, Tenor

Jimmy Adams, Bass