AP Music Theory

AP Music Theory integrates aspects of melody, harmony, texture, rhythm, form, musical analysis, elementary composition and, to some extent, history and style Musicianship skills such as dictation and other listening skills, sight-singing, and keyboard harmony are considered an important part of the theory course.

Links for study and General information...

College Board Links


Links by Chapter

Chapter 3 Intervals

Transposition Chart w/ Instruments

Interval Song References from Pop Culture

Interval Song Chart Generator

Chapter 4 Chords

Music Theory dot net -introduction to chords

WHS AP Music Theory - Building Triads

Figured Bass Chart from Dr. Robert Kelley

Chapter 5 Cadences and Non Harmonic Tones

Chapter 6 Melodic Organization

Chapter 7 Texture and Textural Reduction

Chapter 8 Counterpoint

Quizlet for 1st Species Counterpoint

Austin Patty Species Counterpoint

Chapter 9 Voice leading in 4 parts

Google Slides for Chapter 9

Other information and assignements

Plans for 4/4/19

  • Take the Chapter 15 test. (Ms. Watts has the test if the sub doesn’t have it yet)

  • Practice Harmonic Dictation from the AP Music Theory website.

  • Have a great weekend