Shades of Blue

Shades of Blue is the premier choral ensemble at Ralston Valley High School. Created when Ralston Valley opened in Fall of 2000, Shades of Blue has been around the country and the globe. Having been invited as the State of Colorado representative in the celebration of the end of World War II in New York City in 2005, as well as being invited to sing at High Mass in St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican, Shades of Blue has met with great reviews with each performance.


Auditioning for Shades of Blue:

1)You must be a member of Concert Choir the same year for which you are auditioning to be a member of Shades of Blue

2)If you are a current member of Concert Choir you must complete a skills audition consisting of Melodic Sight Reading, Rhythmic Sight Reading and Tonal Memory (tonal patterns are played on the piano and sung on a neutral syllable).

3)Sing a two song two minute or less in length, with recorded accompaniment. The song does not have to be from memory and it should reflect how your voice will fit in a chamber choir (remember: Shades of Blue does not sing a lot of pop music). The quality of the recorded accompaniment is unimportant.

4) Complete a Shades of Blue audition project (due at the time of audition). The project should tell more of ‘your story’. What is unique about you? What you will you potentially add to Shades of Blue and their success as an ensemble  . The project can be physical, digital or any form you see fit. (See examples from past Shades of Blue audition projects for ideas in the choir room).


Shades of Blue 2019-2020

A sincere thank you to all who took the risk and put yourselves out there.

The decisions were challenging due to your excellent musicianship and singing.


Jordan Call

Riley Dimytriw

Ella Jones

Anika Schulthess

Alexandra Stephens


Laney Brazell

Becca Dahl

Jori Loewen

Sabrina Reinwald

Caylee Tarullo

Jillian Weir


D.J. Bashford

Bryan Brown

Miguel Castillo

Carson Hellman 

Logan Willey (T/B)


Kadin Adams (T/B)

Tory Barden (T/B)

Leo Forreider

Brad Hostetler

Jack Howard

Anders Wolle