Men's Choir

Men's Choir is an entry level men's chorus open to any Ralston Valley student of any grade or ability level. They will learn good fundamental vocal technique and basic musicianship skills through singing high quality choral literature.  Members of Men's Choir have performed at High Mass at the Vatican and Disney World


Auditioning for Men's Choir:

Men's Choir is open to any RV student. There is no audition to be a member of Men's Choir.

Sub Plans for 1/31/2019

Submission Email Address:

Everyone participate and cooperate and today will be productive. Work together to complete each task.

1: Break into groups of 4 or 5 and on your device go to: Sight Reading Factory.

a.Navigate around and find a sight reading for Baritone at level 3 or higher.

b. Practice 3 or 4 examples together.

c. Screen shot the last example and record the group sight reading the example. Email both to the submission email address above.

2: Get in sections: Either all Tenors and all Basses together, or T1/T2/B1/B2 your choice. Rehearse your part of all three songs. Make sure you are solid on your part before you move on. At the end of each song, ONE person record the section singing each song and send it to the submission email above.

3: Sing each song together as a choir. Last time through, ONE PERSON record it on your phone from the middle of the room and email the recording to the submission email address above.

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